More About Sam…

I am a catalyst for change, passionate about empowering people, committed to public service, and dedicated to transforming the business of organizations – including government – from the inside through innovative thinking, transparency, and open communication.

I have been called the secret weapon, the woman behind the curtain, the bootstrapped entrepreneur-in-residence. I am scrappy, ragtag, and able to create something from nothing. I have a reputation as a starter, a fixer, and a connector.

I have always seen communications as a public service and aim to empower the public so that they become agents of change in democracy and government. I want to encourage people to work with government, not against it, to achieve great things. Too often both the public and the government get caught up in bureaucracy when open, honest communication would bridge the gaps in understanding. It is my mission to facilitate that discussion.

Throughout my career, I have never been the traditional fit for whatever role I’ve taken on. As a daughter raised by a single father, I have spent a lifetime standing out, finding a way, and blazing a trail.

Both my background and upbringing have led me to become a compassionate and energetic person with a get-it-done attitude. I say yes first, always, knowing that if a way exists, I will find it.

I strive to be an important role model, not only for my twin girls, but also for other women in the workforce, be they mothers, dedicated career women, or, as in my case, both. I have had the benefit of exceptional mentorship and am honored to carry the torch for the current generation of working women and mothers, fighting for what I believe in.

I am not a traditional tech person. This has served me well as time and time again, I have provided a unique voice and perspective to technology initiatives, always advocating on behalf of the citizen and the user. Through this approach, I have helped clear many “business as usual” barriers in state and local government so that the real work of change could begin.

I think fast and work faster, an eye always on the horizon of public service and modern technology. I understand that no one lives a 9-to-5 life and the ability to adapt is crucial.

Throughout my career as a teacher, project manager, technology advocate, communications strategist, and director of government partnerships, I have been driven by a passion for public service. I am inspired both by the talent and dedication of my colleagues and the vibrant and diverse communities we serve.

I have made the Commonwealth of Massachusetts my personal and professional home and I am dedicated to helping it continue to stand out at the national level as an example of committed government and dedicated citizens.

And I love what I do.